Welcome to my Blog:) This used to be a more exciting place, but it can be a little dull these days thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Etc, Etc. I am on all "the things", so the blog has taken a backseat, and is mainly used for reference to my pricing and info pages. Visit my website (if you have not already) or any one of the links on the right, just under my pic to see what is going on other places. It is a busy plugged in world, you will find what you are looking for :) If not, just give us a call or email, we are happy to help! Thanks for stopping by:)


Q: There are so many photographers, everyone seems to have a friend that is one, I have looked at a dozen websites. How are you different? why should I choose you?
A: Hopefully whatever brought you to my site, and then kept you here is enough for you to know there is something here that you want and I can give you.  I don't know how to compare myself to other photographers, I can't say I am better than they are, because there are LOTS of very talented people in this industry. I can't say I am cheaper, because my prices are higher than most in this area. I  I would never want to step on someone else to push myself up either, so instead of telling you how I am different, I hope the information you have gotten and the images you have seen have made you feel the start of something great.  I know my skills are professional and capable, and my gallery shows that, but there are lots of people who can take a picture. Only a choice few can make you FEEL one :) and isn't that really what we all want? not to just see the moment, but to feel it?
I believe I am one of those photographers. I would love to welcome you into my portrait family and let you see for yourself that you can really, truly, love a photograph. That you can trust someone with your memories. That you have hired someone to do everything possible to make your experience and your images something that you will forever hold in your heart.  If you still have doubts, take a look at my raves and reviews. Ask me for a list of personal references (yes, I really have some), and remember that I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yes, you will pay a little more for what I can give you, but we always pay a little more for quality that will last. I know you won't regret it, and I believe one day you will say I am worth it :)
I thank you for your time and consideration and I hope to meet you soon and make beautiful memories with you!

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Q: How do you get babies in all those poses?
A:Well, that is a recipe of patience, and a little pinch of patience, and a big cup of patience, and then some...well you get the picture; I also have a few tricks up my sleeve:) you will just have to come see for yourself :) lol.. It's really not as hard as it looks, and throwing in a little love for babies always helps :)

Q: How do you get babies and toddlers to sit and pose for you? I love your work, but I don't think my child would ever pose for you, he is just too active.
A: LOL! It has very little to do with posing and a whole lot to do with knowing how to work with kids.  (See the question about babies.) Patience is key, and just getting to know your kid and what will work with them. I generally take a few minutes before the session to let the kids explore and get comfortable with the studio or location, and myself.  I have several little things that help and sometimes mom may have to "hide". I can't promise your child will behave in your eyes, but I can promise I will get images you will love. Maybe not the big smile you are accustomed to when you see pictures, we may even get a precious "serious" look you did not know you were hoping for,  but you will look at them and see your child, their personality, and that is ultimately what a mom is looking for when she sees a picture of her child. Also, coming back year after year works wonders, because your kids get to know me, I get to know them, and every year the sessions  - and images - get better and better!

Q: I have a friend that referred me to you, she said you are a baby whisperer, or child whisperer....what does she mean by that?
A: I really hear that allot, and it is such a compliment, but it basically just means I do things with their children that either they can't do, or get them to cooperate in ways they can't themselves doing. All kids respond differently, and just knowing how to work with kids helps allot! I was a psychology major in college,  (I never finished though- being a mom won my time) - but I bring lots of that study into this work. I also believe I always had a "calling" or "gift" to work with kids. I can't remember a time in my life I did not want to be a mom and I always, always loved kids. I spent much time babysitting in my younger years, had a few jobs in church nurseries, and I have kids of my own that have taught me a lesson or two :) Mostly, I just love what I do and going to work is fun every single day.

Q: What exactly is done when a photograph is “edited” or "retouched"?
A: Edit and retouch are really just terms we use to prepare your images for you and for resale. TCP would never dream of changing who you or your children are by altering appearance. You can see descriptions and photo examples on the retouching page.

Q: I'm pregnant and SO excited! When should I book my maternity session? and my newborn session???
A:  For your pregnancy, between 32-36  weeks is ideal, however, we can work with you right up to your due date if our schedule       ( and your baby!)  allows. 
For your newborn, we can book you anytime, when you are just a few weeks pregnant or after baby comes, but the very best time is during the first 10-14 days of life. SO... it is best to book when you are pregnant. We will use your due date, and you put TCP on your list of people to notify when baby makes his or her grand entrance. Then, we just do a little tweaking to make a firm appointment within the next 10 days as long as all is well with mom and baby. These first two weeks are the ideal time for a baby. All they do is eat, sleep, cuddle and curl up, everything I need for a great newborn session.  As they get older, they start liking their space and don't curl up as much, they are awake and alert more, and colic and baby acne might set in. None of these things are bad, they just have the potential to make the session harder, and longer.

Q: Oh my gosh! I had my baby a few weeks ago, and I really wanted a newborn session, have I just missed out?

A: Not at all!!!  There are a number of reasons this can happen. Newborn sessions can be done up to a couple of months, they are still very tiny little things and and we can still easily capture that. There are quite a few images on the website of older newborn babies. Don't be discouraged if you miss the early window, newborn sessions are always your most cherished, and should be done whenever you and baby are feeling well and up for it.  They are only small for a tiny little fraction of time, so don't let a little thing like a few days or weeks discourage you.

Q: How should I prepare for a maternity session? I know I want to have memories of how I looked during my pregnancy, I am just not sure about the whole process works, and I am kind of nervous.
A:  First of all - don't worry, you are in good hands :) I approach maternity sessions with a documentary style that provides you with "storytelling" images that you will want to share with your child, we can even put them in a little book for you. Posing varies according to your comfort level, we can do a few that show your bare belly, but it is not required. You will also get a welcome email that will let you know what to bring, where to shop if you want, and covers all the little details.

Q: I don't know how to prepare for my session...what to bring or  how to dress my baby or children...or the grown ups! HELP!!
A: Of course! We are here for you with all the information you need :) When you book your session, we will talk about allot, ask and answer questions, and get to know you just a bit when you book your session, and then follow up with a welcome email and consultation to give and gather any info we may have forgotten. As far as what to wear,  there is a list stores we recommend in the right column on the blog and you can search blog posts, we do a feature every now and then on things we like to see and where to get them. Pinterest is also a fabulous source, just search "what to wear for photos" and you will get lots of great information on prepping and choosing outfits. You may not even have to shop!   Please though, don't stress! You are welcome to text me some pics and ask my opinion...I am happy to help.

Q: I see so many props in your portfolio, are they all yours or do we bring our own?
A: Well, a little of both. I have a few props, hats, bows, and little accessories for boys and girls, but the things you see like saddles, and helmets, baseball gloves, or footballs, those are brought by clients, because these are the families heritage and customs, and they are building that into their sessions. It is one way to really personalize the whole experience and share what you love with your children and family.  I welcome any prop, any idea you have, and am always happy to discuss including your family traditions. However, if this is not your vision, then your sessions will reflect simple and pure images of your child.

Q: You have given some great info so far, really put my mind at ease, but technically speaking, how does the whole process work? What can I expect?
A: I would rather talk about the warm and fuzzies and all the fun we are going to have, but yes, there are other things you need to know. All that stuff can be found by CLICKING HERE. I think everything is explained well, if not, just contact us however you choose and we will be happy to fill in the blanks.

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